Mr. Rehman

60 year old Mr. Rehman was a gentleman with a joyous personality. An accomplished chef, he owned one of the most famous Asian restaurants in Oslo Norway. About 3 years ago he started having speech disorders and subsequently started loosing muscle strength. He was subsequently diagnosed with ALS. His position started to deteriorate rapidly as he started loosing ability to chew, swallow and basic motor functions.They were undergoing treatment in Norway for ALS but nothing was working out. He was also advised few medicines which he took for some time but then After-effects of the medicine started cropping up and he actually became worse than before.So then Shahid (Rehman’s son) started looking for other options for treatment and upon extensive research, they found that Adult Stem Cell Therapy can possibly have a cure for ALS. So he approached India based Advancells for Stem Cell Therapy.Mr. Rehman opted for stem cell therapy with Advancells in August 2014 with the hope of stopping the progression of the disease and also regaining lost motor functions.

1. What is your name and where are you from ?

Answer: My name is Shahid , I am from Oslo Norway

2. What is the relationship with the patients and which disease he is suffering from ?

Answer: Patient is my father and he is suffering from ALS

3. When you came to know he is suffering from ALS ?

Answer: We saw symptoms since past three years and last august from Pakistan we diagnose cell disease and then January in Oslo doctor confirmed ALS and since three years symptoms are increasing.

4. Now what is the problem right now ?

Answer: Problem in speaking, no voice and not able to move , lungs are weak, weight loss, muscles are getting weak , reduced 15 kg in three months

5. What treatment have you undergone until now?

Answer: No great treatment, just few oral medications – bybag , neurosolw medicine he was taking which have side effect of running nose , not much relief until now , Now homeopathic medicines are taking since last one year

6. How did you came to know about stem cells?

Answer: I surfed on web about stem cell therapy then saw your company name ADVANCELLS and then spoke to you via phone and mails finally decided to come to India for Treatment.

7. How many days back does treatment took place?

Answer: Four Days back means 4th Aug

8. Any problem after stem cell treatment?

Answer: No problem after treatment

9. What is your experience with Advancells ?

Answer: Experience was okay we got needful help and answers to our queries.

10. Will you refer Advancells in future what you will say?

Answer: Yes I will refer and will see for improvement in next six months.

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