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Being a serial entrepreneur is no mean feat, and no one knows this better than Vipul Jain, Founder & CEO of Advancells Group. An MBA from Rochester Institute of Technology, New York, Vipul started his entrepreneurial journey with a fabric import enterprise, then ventured into animation, and from there seeing opportunity in healthcare got into medical tourism, all in a span of just 12 years. While running a successful business in medical tourism, in 2013 he launched Advancells, a startup in regenerative medicine. In the last 6 years this startup has covered a lot of distance. It has done pioneering work in stem cell research and is providing therapy solutions for life-threatening diseases, as well as by-products such as primary cells and anti-aging therapy kits. Advancells has also established a strong network of clients all over the world and is respected for its high-quality products, standards and services.

In an exclusive chat with The Blue Circle, Vipul Jain shares all about his passionate journey, expansion plans in the future, and his secret to success as a serial entrepreneur.

Early beginnings

Early on in his career, Healthcare piqued Vipul’s interest, and led him to identify regenerative therapy as the future of clinical treatments. “Almost all the multinational companies involved in healthcare are into providing conventional drugs and medications for diseases. The clinical possibilities of these conventional drugs, although seemingly vast, are slowly being realized to be limited due to several drug-resistance reports. Thus, it is important to come up with an alternative and efficient clinical treatment, and that is exactly what regenerative medicine offers. Regenerative therapy, based on stem cells and growth factors, has the potential to be the gold-standard treatment approach for several chronic diseases, “ he adds.

About Advancells

His company, Advancells, is a research-oriented company focused on therapeutic applications of regenerative medicine. One of the pioneers of Stem Cell Therapy, Advancells is passionate about the limitless potential of human stem cells in providing a natural cure to any ailment. It understands the limitations of one size fits all, and frames a unique protocol for each of its patients, keeping in mind the best cell source, viable cell quantity and reinjection protocol.

While India has a fair count of around 8-10 stem cell banking and research companies, therapy is still a neglected requirement.

“Advancells bridges this gap by encouraging stem cell therapies and providing stem cells for research purposes. In India, the few doctors who practice regenerative medicine do not get backing from research. We strive to provide this research to these doctors through the therapies we conduct. We are looking forward to a future where organ transplantation will be 3D scaffold-based, aging will be reversible, and chronic diseases will be curable, and this future cannot be achieved with just banking and research. It requires the support of stem cell therapy,” he says.

Spreading awareness around Stem Cell Therapy

Advancells’ world-class GMP lab is at the forefront of research and innovations, and is continuously involved in clinical trials and innovations to improve and establish the safety and efficacy of its technology. Its journey is all about searching for the ‘Elixir of Life’ that not only cures life-threatening diseases but also helps in preventive healthcare, cosmetic treatments and anti-ageing therapies.

“We have perfected the art of cell recovery and are able to consistently recover more than 94% cell count from various cell sources, such as bone marrow and adipose tissue. This is up to 10 to 20 times more than what other dated technologies can perform. Not many know of the benefits of stem cell therapy, which is why Advancells is doing all it can to spread awareness on this health solution, ” shares Vipul.

He further adds, “The credit goes to our medical experts and clinical support staff who play a major role in helping patients and clinicians understand and realize the clinical worth of stem cell therapy. It is true that patients looking for an alternative treatment are not much aware of regenerative medicine or stem cell therapy, as most medical personnel are themselves hesitant of prioritizing stem cell therapies over conventional treatment patterns. However with time and because of positive outcomes, more doctors are now willing to practice regenerative therapies for their patients. At present, we have over 50 collaborations with various hospitals, clinics and research institutes.”

To further accelerate the acceptance of regenerative therapy, Advancells has recently launched a workshop and hands-on training model named S.T.A.R (Subspecialty Training in Applications of Regenerative Medicine) for clinicians. With a successful first edition, the next S.T.A.R workshop is aimed at the applications of regenerative medicine products and MSK ultrasound-based injection techniques in orthopedics.

The Way Forward

Although the cost speculations of regenerative therapies persist and a majority of Indians are hesitant to afford them, stem cell therapy cost in India is just 10-15% of the cost levied in developed nations like USA and Germany.

Medical tourism has helped Advancells. With a smile on his face, Vipul shares, “We are approached by patients from all over the globe and we are more than happy to help them.”

For healthcare startups

Vipul shares his advice for young Indian healthcare entrepreneurs. “You should keep yourself updated on the latest healthcare innovations and extrapolate that information towards sustainable business development. Though I am neither a scientist nor a technologist, what has helped me is my passion for healthcare. I have continuously updated myself with the latest trends and science behind stem cell therapy and have collaborated with internationally respected research and clinical experts.”

“Also the entrepreneur in you should be aware that a successful business strategy is not just about providing a supply to the current demand, but it is about successfully predicting the future statistics of the current demand and consequently providing a reliable supply. “