Source: BusinessStandard

Women in the millennial are facing a number of issues owing to tight professional schedules, such as safety, irregular menstrual cycles, unavailability of domestic help, and skincare and other health-related woes.

However, a number of startups have now emerged that are catering exclusively to women in overcoming these problems, thereby helping them become self-sufficient and balance their personal and professional lives.

Given below are four such startups that have carved a niche for themselves:

Maya App (Plackal Tech)

The app enables women to keep track of their menstrual and physiological health. The Bengaluru-based based startup, founded by John Paul in 2012, uses data analytics and machine learning to provide insights to women around their health, and is being used by around six million women around the globe.


his app was created and launched by Kalpana Viswanath and Ashish Basu in 2013 with the main purpose of providing safety to people especially women when they are out and alone. Safetipin is an application which works by asking users for a “safety audit.” This involves taking photographs of blocks they pass by and rating how safe they feel: from 1 (poor in safety perception) to 5 (excellent). SafetiPin provides night-time GIS data and tools for safer and inclusive cities. Available on Android and iOS platforms, Safetipin allows a person to mark a location safe or unsafe, and also helps to find the safest route to a destination based on safety scores of the areas on that route. For as long as the app runs in the smartphone of a passenger, he/she will receive an alert when he/she enters an unsafe location.

It also enables friends and family to keep track of her/ his journey.


The app helps families hire reliable and trusted domestic help. The company has helped thousands of women get a part-time job (1 hour to 10 hours). These women, in turn, make Rs 4000 to Rs 12000 per month. This additional income that the domestic help brings into her family helps elevate their quality of life.


Started by serial entrepreneur Vipul Jain in 2013, the Noida-based startup provides stem cell therapies in India. Advancells is offering stem cells treatment for a variety of anti-aging solutions through autologous stem cells sources, the Adipose tissue. It also provides anti-aging treatment for skin, weakness, fatigue and hair loss.