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A month is enough to spread across territories when it comes to communicable infections. The list of confirmed cases and deaths from the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) have prompted a reaction worldwide to protect it from spreading further. The most recent insights place the quantity of confirmed cases to be 3,51,198 and deaths to be 15,337 across 84 nations, however by the time you finish reading this article, the number would have probably grown bigger.

Common symptoms of the coronavirus incorporate breathing difficulty, fever, cough, and respiratory congestion. Progressively extreme reports of COVID-19 affected patients suggest it can cause pneumonia, serious intense respiratory disorder, and kidney disorder too. These indications can be especially hazardous for the older generation or individuals with existing health issues.

Presently, the healthcare authorities are for the most part depending on the quarantines (isolation centers) to keep the infection from being spread. Be that as it may, completely eradicating this infection may require more progressive methodology. New antibiotics are being tested next to thousand-year-old traditional treatments in China’s clinical laboratories, which are growing daily. There is no known fix, and specialists are anxious to help those infected with COVID-19.

In what manner can Stem Cells help?

Stem cells can self-redevelop or increase while keeping up the possibility to form into different kinds of cells. They can become blood cells, or the cells of heart, lungs or any other body parts. Stem cells likewise have a solid secretory capacity, advancing the development of fresh blood vessels, cell multiplication and division, and restraining provocative reaction. Stem cell treatment has likewise been utilized in treating H7N9 avian influenza in the past where it demonstrated favorable outcomes.

As per clinical specialists, mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) might be a treatment for the novel coronavirus by improving lung functioning, restraining immune framework overactivation, advancing tissue fix, safeguarding lung alveoli epithelial cells, and protecting respiratory fibrosis.

Researchers believe MSCs implantation may be a perfect decision to be utilized or joined with other resistant adjusting operators. In order to achieve realistic outcomes, specialists have used enormous quantities of MSCs with one patient in Baoshan who got 3 implantations of 50 million umbilical blood cord derived MSCs, though every Beijing patients got 1 mixture of 1 million cells for every kilogram of weight. Such immense numbers can be acquired uniquely in a cell manufacturing plant where they can be purified and productively expanded in numbers.

These investigations affirm the efficiency and effectiveness of mesenchymal stem cells in the treatment of basic immunodeficiency related with high systemic inflammation as well. MSCs can be acquired from fat, which implies that everybody can use his/her cells, abolishing any risk or contamination chance. In any case, extending them to the amount required for implantation, about 1 million cells for each kg of weight, takes 2 to 3 weeks. That is the reason it is valuable to cryo-conserve an individual reservoir of mesenchymal stem cells, that would permit to get to an early, progressively beneficial treatment.

Stem cell clinical trials in China

About 14 trials have been conducted using stem cells to treat coronavirus patients in China. They recommended stem cells may be the option to fix the extreme organ harm brought about by Sars-CoV-2. Also, MSCs have indicated extremely critical immunomodulation. These foundational stem cells can emit numerous cytokines and can straightforwardly cooperate with virus-effected cells. Their immunomodulatory activity is additionally activated by infection related molecules. The clinical trials directed in Beijing exhibited that MSCs are normally resistant to Sars-CoV-2. They emit mitigating factors that appear to balance the systems at the base of the infected organ.


Stem cells are profoundly versatile in nature as they advance into various kinds of completely functioning cells to create tissue, organs or body fluids. MSCs can lessen the overproduction of immunity cells caused as a response to the virus and lower down the levels of inflammatory substances. Thus, bringing the invulnerable framework and the whole body back to its ordinary state. What can be securely said at this stage following this spearheading study, is that MSCs demonstrate extraordinary potential to turn into an important part of creating something so huge as COVID-19.

Obviously, these are minor clinical case reports and should be deciphered so far as spontaneous responses that can’t be given a green signal, yet it’s somewhat how medical institutions invent scientific marvels during a global epidemic.