Name: Mr. Jorge
Age: 60 yrs
Country: Portugal

ALS Diagnosis

I live in Portugal and was a car mechanic by profession. I was working in the workshop almost whole life since a very young age until I was diagnosed with ALS at the age of 60 years. ALS made it difficult for me to continue my work as I faced difficulty it breathing if I exert too much in work and also because of considerable reduction in muscle mass.

ALS Symptoms

The main symptoms were irregular and disturbed sleep, tiredness without any apparent reason and sudden loss in weight. Breathing was a very difficult task without the ventilator support. Body strength was almost nil.

“———-There is always hope, so you may want to consider taking this treatment.———–“


I had my first shot of stem cells through lumbar puncture about 2 years ago. It was a non-invasive procedure with very minimal discomfort. After the stem cell treatment my current status seems to be stabilized. There were slight improvements in breathing, hand movement and muscle strength.

My neurologist in Portugal has confirmed these improvements by doing some simple tests and by comparing my health status now with what it was few months before the treatment.

I found the stem cell clinic very good with knowledgeable, friendly and caring staff.

“……………..I do recommend this treatment for the patients suffering with ALS. There is always hope, so you may want to consider taking this treatment……………….”



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