Abdul Hadi is a 51 year old gentleman from Saudi Arabia who has been suffering from Diabetes Type 2 for the past 5 years. His disease has progressed to him being insulin dependent and even after taking insulin 2 times a day the HbA1C of the patient was at 8.8 in October 2015.

Lately, he had also started having symptoms of diabetic neuropathy and had consistent pain in his legs. The patient was advised stem cell therapy by his doctor and he decided to come to India for his therapy.

Patient was admitted in hospital and bone marrow and adipose tissue samples were aspirated in the morning. app. 120 Million stem cells were processed from the sources and re injected in the patients pancreatic artery using a catheter in the evening. part of the cells were also given via IV. The patient tolerated the procedure well and was discharged the next day morning.

2 month follow up of the patient reveals that the HbA1C has dropped more than 1 point to 7.7 and he is released of the pain in the legs and is also feeling more energetic.

Further follow ups will be done in few months time.*

Pre procedure test result (20 October 2015 & Post procedure test result (16 January 2016)






















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POST TITLE: Abdul Hadi Diabetes Patient Story

AUTHOR: Editorial Team

POSTED ON: 12th April 2019



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