Name : Alfonso Bollullo

DOB : 2008

Age : 7 years old

Date of Therapy : 2015

Disease Treated : Autism


I’m Victoria, the mother of an autistic child named Alfonso. Since diagnosed with autism, we have not stopped fighting for our child. All the doctors, neurologists, and psychologists said the same thing, “I’m sorry. Your child is autistic and there is no cure for this condition.”

We stimulated our baby at home and with other professionals from his school. He was progressing and learning very slowly but we had a lot of patience and dedication; never giving up and continually seeking for the best for him.



He was a hyperactive kid with low concentration. He find it difficult to interact with people, had difficulty in verbal communication and understanding the language. He had repetitive body movements such as flapping hands and head banging. One day we came across the idea of using stem cells for improving the condition of autistic kids. We approached the stem cell facility and enquired about the possibility of treating Alfonso. I felt immense joy when they gave us hope that, Alfonso can have a better life after stem cell therapy.

“…I’m happy that stem cells are doing a great job and saving my child from the lost world in which he lives…”


Stem cell therapy and Result

His treatment was performed an year ago. Stem cells were injected into him through Lumbar puncture. His cells were previously collected from his own bone marrow and processed in the lab just two days beforehand. That same day, Alfonso went to the hotel and showed a little reaction to the lumbar puncture: headache and nausea, but the doctors had already provided us with all medication needed to alleviate symptoms.

In the following months, I could notice significant changes in him. He is very responsive, participatory, sociable, and laughing a lot. He has always been a loving child but it is incredible that he wishes so far and interacts with others. Before the treatment, it took months to teach him (sometimes unsuccessfully). Now, it takes very little for him to realize what you want him to do. The orders as “take or give” meant nothing before but now I have to say a couple of times and he reacts.

Before he could not climb the stairs but now he has no problems doing that although it takes some effort.

I can only say that my baby is changing. Normally, it is difficult for an autistic child to progress, but he is getting it much faster. I’m happy that stem cells are doing a great job and saving my child from the lost world in which he lives.



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