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Here with I shall try to state briefly our story…

Anna’s condition prior to the treatment in the clinic (cardinal and side problems).

Anna was born ten years ago with severe spinal cord injuries: pre-natal fusion of nerve endings, a myelocele with all inevitable consequences. During the operation, which had been performed on the second day after her birth, a surgeon’s scalpel did its job and released nerve endings, but the way the signal goes from the brain to the spinal cord and then to the feet was damaged. As a result of all this, Anna could not walk without somebody’s assistance, and could not control the function of small pelvic organs.

For ten long years, Anna had been passing through all possible rehabilitation courses: massage, physiotherapy, acupuncture, laser therapy, swimming, pelotherapy, electrotherapy, phototherapy, hydropathic treatment – to name a few.

It is impossible not to admit that our efforts were not unsuccessful. Our daughter was growing up and developing, but the signal through the spinal cord never reached her feet. She did not have any sensation in her legs. Conventional medicine offered us only one choice: to adapt ourselves to her existing condition.

Beyond question, we had achieved rather good results for these years but time was not working in our favor. Her body was growing up and developing only partially, to the knees, but her knees, shins, and feet lagged increasingly in growth and development, year by year. We could not manage to succeed in controlling the functions of the small pelvic organs.

And here is the blessed day of June, 9, 2010 when the medical team, with God’s help, had worked a wonder; maybe unnoticeable in this great and bustling world. The girl named Anna started feeling her feet, and gastrocnemius muscles pricking just the day after the operation! This process was increasing with every passing day, and within two weeks, it became evident that her legs were being filled with life, like small branches on a tree are being filled with life-giving sap. Anna can now stand on her own without using orthopedic footwear, control her upright position, and today, the 5thof July, she has felt the need to use the bathroom.

We have a lot of work to do in future but these attempts will be pleasant and new progress will encourage us!

My daughter and I are overfilled with positive emotions! We advise all the parents who have the similar problems to apply to the clinic. They are working wonders there! *

Best regards,

Anna and Antonina



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