How It Happened

In August 2004, I had a terrible accident, I fell down from my house roof (approx. height 8 meters). That resulted with a diagnosis of Tetraplegia C3,ASIA A.

Since then, I’ve been paralyzed from my neck down. I can`t move my arms or my legs. I am completely dependent on the help of others but luckily, I have a wonderful wife and two daughters who do their best every day to provide me everything I need.

My first treatment

In December 2008 I decided to undergo stem cell treatment.

Everything went on according to their expectations and doctors and medical stuff gave me a great hope and optimism that my condition would improve in a certain time.

This year, in May 2010, I felt my first improvements. I don`t have any spasms in my arms. Also, I can slightly move my legs (not my feet) -actually I can pull them upper and bend them in my knees.

Now, I am planning to go for another treatment and I believe there will be more and more positive results.

Ante Protrka



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