Name : Leo

Age : 4.6 years

Date of Therapy : June 15th, 2019

Disease Treated : Autism

A 4.6 years old boy from Qatar, who had been suffering with Autism Spectrum Disorder; and had recently undergone stem cell therapy. We have come up with some dramatic results, while doing his post therapy follow up, which have been shared herewith.

Leo, was born normal, but to his parent’s surprise he was not able to achieve his defined milestone, in a specific time frame. When they explored more about his condition, with many expert pediatric consultations; they finally could reach to the conclusion that he was suffering with a developmental disorder, Autism in a mild to moderate range.

While narrating her son’s specific characteristics, Leo’s mother shared with Advancells that Leo was not able to catch their words, he was not able to follow any commands. Apparently, he also had speech delays. Since, then Leo’s parents decided to have done extensive speech and occupational training sessions; with a mindset that they can eventually help Leo to develop his speech and confidence. But it was very frustrating for them to say that he was not at all responding to sessions. Finally, they underwent stem cell therapy through Advancells, India.

The Advancells executive and counsellors took forward his case. Parents were counselled over the phone and reports/investigations were discussed. Since they were overseas patients a telephonic consultation was fixed with them. Therapy benefits procedure details were discussed with the parents before the patient could be called in India for treatment.

Stem cell therapy was scheduled on June 15th, 2019. Parents came down to India with Leo for the same. After a thorough examination allogenic treatment using umbilical cord derived stem cells was decided for the kid. Umbilical cord derived stem cells are immunologically completely safe and free of side effects. About 100 million mesenchymal stem cells were given to him through Lumbar puncture and intravenous route. After a day of rest/follow up patient was discharged.

As we followed up again with the parents three months post therapy, mother was happy to share her observations. She told us that understanding of the boy has become better now, he listens and follows commands. Even swallowing of food has improved for him. Meanwhile they continued with his occupational and speech therapy sessions. She is quite hopeful and optimistic and waiting to see more improvement in his son.

As per the available literature and publications mesenchymal stem cells is effective in autism spectrum disorder cases and even therapy outcome/results are supporting that. I hope with time more people will have confidence and faith on stem cells therapy which is based on the results and scientific facts. This is a ray of hope for kids with this special condition.

POST TITLE: Leo, 4.6 years old, Autism Spectrum Disorder Patient Story

AUTHOR: user

POSTED ON: 15th October 2019



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