February 2011
From: Dimitrovgrad, Bulgaria

“We have excellent impressions from the clinic, the doctors, the staff and in general”

Bogomila was diagnosed with DM1 in November 2009. In the beginning of May 2010 Bogomila got her stem cell treatment via angiography.

Before the treatment, for one year she lost weight, she was always thirsty and her vision was deteriorating. She had just recovered from pneumonia. Before the stem cell therapy she took 40E of insulin through the pump.

After the stem cell treatment she is now, for a 24 hour period, taking 30E of insulin this considering the fact that she is a teenager. She grew in stature and got back her weight. Her organism is functioning normally.

We have excellent impressions from the clinic, the doctors, the staff and in general.

We have already recommended the treatment to people who knew Bogomila’s situation and had questions.



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POST TITLE: Bogomila Ilieva, 14 years, Diabetes Type 1

AUTHOR: Editorial Team

POSTED ON: 9th April 2019



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