I was first diagnosed with Type2 Diabetes in May 1980. For the following 28 years I managed to keep my condition under control with diet, exercise and tablets my HBA 1C readings varying between 6 – 7.5. Gradually the readings elevated to 8+ for my 3 monthly HBA 1C.

I tried increasing my activity, returning to the gymnasium twice weekly together with my active lifestyle of walking, golf and physical labour on my Farming property. The readings remained elevated.

“…I noticed a drop in my blood sugar readings almost immediately.”

I decided to do some research on the net and discovered that the XCell-Center in Germany carried out stem cell transplantation. Realising that this was the way of the future and that there was a good chance that I may be a candidate for this procedure I made contact with the centre in Cologne, Germany. It was from this that I made the acquaintance of Issam Errahmaoui who became my case Manager.

I completed an online questionnaire requesting medical information and was accepted for treatment. Arrangements were then made at the clinic in Germany for my stem cell extraction on May 11th2010.

Well the 11thMay soon came around for the stem cell extraction which was taken from my hip bone marrow, at this stage I admit to a feeling of slight apprehension not knowing how things would go. This procedure was relatively painless and only took around 20 minutes. Stem cells extracted were then processed with the best quality to be transplanted the following day by Angiography injection. This procedure went smoothly and was painless.

I highly commend the entire staff including the driver for their care and understanding.

My Results

My blood sugar readings prior to my procedure varied ranging from ok to relatively high. I was injecting 26 units of Lantis Solo Star each evening and taking Diabex twice a day. Once I had the procedure and returned home I noticed a drop in my blood sugar readings almost immediately. Over the next 2-3 months I managed to lower my intake of Insulin to less than half now using only 12 units each evening.

After a recent HBA 1C test result I increased my units to 18 per day with good blood sugar readings, overall this is a reduction of 30% in Insulin usage. My next 3 monthly HBA 1C will further clarify my situation ,there has been a distinct improvement in my condition, I feel great and would consider another visit if recommended by the Dr taking into account a further improvement in my readings.



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