Mr. Munshaya Ndyamba, 44 year old gentleman from South Africa had been suffering from Chronic Respiratory Failure and Central Sleep Apnea almost his entire life. In his childhood he felt he was just weak when he was not able to participate in sports or do outdoor activities that boys his age would do, but adverse health episodes in early 2000’s led to his diagnosis of Chronic Respiratory Failure.

Doing any kind of physically strenuous work was a challenge for Mr. Ndyamba and with time his dependency on artificial oxygen grew to almost 16 + hours a day.

Continuous progression of the disease and finding no relief in his home land forced him to do some research on alternate treatments available and that’s when he read about Stem Cell therapy. Mr. Ndyamba and his wife did their research and finally zeroed in on Advancells, a stem cell therapy company, in New Delhi, India to get Stem Cell therapy done.

The couple reached New Delhi and underwent a battery of tests for his condition at the Advancells facilities. The attending doctors explained his condition to him and counseled him about stem cells which reinforced his belief in the therapy.

There was one road block though. The therapy was originally planned to use Autologous stem cells which are cells derived from patient’s own body (Bone marrow and adipose tissue) but upon his physical assessment it was found that he was not in good physical shape to undergo bone marrow aspiration and he was too lean to have good quantity and quality of fat removed from his body.

The doctors got back to the drawing board with the patient and it was decided to use Cord Tissue derived Allogeneic Mesenchymal Stem Cells for his therapy.

A total of 100 Million MSC’s were prepared in the ultra modern labs of Advancells and re injected in the patient via IV and nebulization.

The cells hopefully would home in on the lungs and start the rejuvenation process of the lungs.

The procedure was completed in one day and went without any adverse effects for the patient. Mr. Ndyamba returned to SA 2 days after the procedure.

It has been one month since the procedure and following is his latest email as part of the follow up:

Dear Vipul,

My compliments of the season to you. It’s good to hear from you.

I can tell you that since I got back from India, I have been feeling great. Before coming for the treatment, I was on oxygen for 16+ hours a day. Following the advice from the doctor and I now only use oxygen when I go to sleep at night. I am also able to monitor my oxygen levels during the day using the pulse oximeter that the doctor prescribed for me. Almost everyday, I use the respiratory exerciser that he also prescribed for my breathing exercises. I usually sleep well at night although I wake up sometimes during the night but my headaches have drastically reduced even with the scorching heatwave that we have been experiencing here in South Africa.

I however still have to get the BIPAP machine as advised by both the doctors here in South Africa and there in India. We have already started making plans to come down for a second treatment in about 9 months. In the next weak or so, I should start going to the gym to exercise moderately as advised by the doctor.

I pray and hope that from hereon my health and condition continues to improve even more, but I will be patient and simply follow the doctor’s advice and wait to see my progress in 6 month’s time as I soldier on.

I am ever so grateful for everything Advancells, has done for me. My deepest gratitude to you, Vipul and Prem, for ensuring that our visit to India, was so enjoyable and and although there were other complications, thus far seems like a success.

I will be sure to keep you posted with my progress.

For now, stay blessed and safe.



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