Name: Mahmood Fekri
Country: Bahrain
Date of birth: January 1954
Diagnose date: 1982
Diseases: Diabetes type2
Treatment date: 1st October 2010

“I smiled with tears as my blood sugar started to show lower reading and gradually I reduced my medicine intake by 50%…”

My story

I spent 28 years of my life coping with diabetes. By coping, I mean, attempting to control my blood sugar in every way possible; from diets, exercise, and medication, to even local herbs. I spent a great deal of my time, researching, and looking to defy something one of my doctors once said to me:

“If anyone tells you there is a cure for diabetes, he/she is lying to you”

Since I was diagnosed my medicine intake was increasing gradually until it reached to a point that my doctor was considering to diagnose me with type 1, which I completely and outwardly refused. In the second to third quarter of year 2010 my blood sugar was out of control and the reading went up to 170 to 220 before my first meal of the day. I tried everything I could, including reducing myself to intense levels of hunger, to reduce the reading.

I distinctly remember walking down the streets of Melbourne, where my daughters used to study, and envying the people walking opposite me, who were holding cups of Gelato ice-cream with satisfied looks on their faces, despite the chilly cold weather. I was losing hope.


In July 2010 I received an e-mail from a friend of mine, who happened to know about my situation, with the following headline “Diabetic stem cell treatment “. The email contained everything I needed to be informed of, and the next thing I knew, I was booking a plane to to get treated.

Everything went smoothly and soon enough, I was on a hospital bed ready to go. The bone marrow extraction took approximately 20 minutes was with mild pain however the procedure went very smoothly. Two days later and after the stem cell were isolated and once the process had been completed was re-injected in to my pancreas through angiography.

Usually stem cells count requirement for the treatment is around 2 million, in my case the stem cells count was 822k of which 94|% were active, in reality I only had 36.2% active stem cells of the requirement which brought on feelings of disappointment. I discussed the matter with the doctor, who remained patient and open to all my enquiries throughout the treatment and to whom I am very grateful for the optimism and hope he helped me regain. He calmly informed me that there are patient with low stem cells like my case still they get results.

Through my discussions with the doctor and the patients in the clinic I gathered that I would have to wait approximately three to four months until injected stem cells will take full effect, in my case with such low stem cells, the treatment started to take effect after one week, I could not believe it!

I smiled with tears as my blood sugar started to show lower reading and gradually I reduced my medicine intake by 50% and I think my blood sugar improve by more than 65%.

Now I am considering second treatment and hopefully I will no longer require any medication.

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