Dr. J. S. Ranyal has been a successful orthopaedics practicing in Delhi/NCR for more than 20 years. However, few years ago he found himself in the same position as many of his patients. He eventually developed osteoarthritis. Although, it is a very slow process; it gradually worsen to the extent of feeling unstable in the knees and getting sore.

“Having the same condition puts me in touch with the patients”

He tried all the OTC pain relievers, but still had substantial knee pain; and decided to undergo stem cell therapy along with his own platelet rich plasma to accelerate the process. Being an expert he knew how important is to lead healthy and active lifestyle for increasing the functionality and perhaps delaying the progression of osteoarthritis.

” As I explain to all my patients and make them understand how to be active in order to improve their stamina and tolerance; I am also determined to stay active after finding the elixir for my knees that I needed the most.”

While moving forward, I am currently living almost pain-free life and I am quite active at the age of 79 yrs. I am further excited to spread the word of my success

After all, it makes it easier for patients to take my advice; knowing further that I am following the same advice by myself.”