Name :  Mr. L.N.

Age : 34 Years

Date of Therapy : March 27th 2019

Disease Treated : Erectile Dysfunction

My name is Mr L.N. I am a 34 years old healthy man with good physique. I had no health issues. But suddenly in January 2016 I realized I have erectile dysfunction disorder and as we know it is one of the most frequently reported problems in men, erectile dysfunction as a condition can generate devastating consequences for the patient and the spouse alike. So, I started searching online for a permanent cure of this problem. After a rigorous exercise of online searching I came across the website created by Mr. Abhay Kumar, who himself had suffered with ED in past and got his stem cells-based treatment done at Advancells, Noida. His life story on his home page build up an inner confidence in me. Through his website only I got to know about Advancells, a stem cell therapy center in Noida.

In February 2019 I decided to contact Advancells for the stem cell treatment. After few calls exchanges an expert counselor was enrolled to discuss my case further. The counselor was very helpful and understood my case clearly. Taking case further, my meeting with the specialist Doctor was fixed. Where after consultation and few investigations I was suggested to undergo stem cell therapy. Since the doctors were hopeful and the treatment promising, I decided to take up the therapy. And the procedure date was decided for March 27th , 2019. Before we could start the therapy, it was needed to decide the source of stem cells which can be used for the treatment. Based on previous experience of patients treated at Advancells and certain published studies which stated that umbilical cord derived stem cells have promising effects on erectile dysfunction we planned to go ahead with human umbilical cord stem cells (UCMSCs). Since along with stem cells there are certain humoral factors of UCMSCs that can mediate mechanism and may contribute to these positive effects.

Advancells staff was constantly in touch with me and guiding me through in every possible way till the day of treatment. On the day of treatment, I was called to the hospital. Hospital recommended by Advancells is an advanced multispecialty, well equipped hospital. It has  very supportive/experienced staff and highly qualified doctors. Doctors decided to give me umbilical cord derived mesenchymal stem cells (UCMSCs) through intracavernous injections, in which cells are injected directly in corpora cavernosum of penis. During the procedure I observed no severe adverse reactions except a minor pain at the site of injection, which was within the limits of tolerability. After successful completion of procedure, I went back home in stable condition.

As time went by, I started noticing a few changes and positive outcome of therapy. In about 2-3 months there was discernible difference. I could have morning erection and there was 70% improvement in the quality of erection and I can say it’s a steady progress till now.

I would like to conclude with the statement that “Yes, I have experienced marvelous improvement in my condition. And the effects of treatment have met my expectations.”

I would also like to state that Advancells experience was nice and satisfactory. They made everything possible for me in a convenient manner. I would recommend all the people suffering with erectile dysfunction to approach Advancells for better future and best available treatment.

The results of this study indicated the satisfactory use of MSCs in erectile dysfunction. MSCs seem to be very promising, especially without showing any significant side effects.