October 13th 2015

Mr. Fida Mohammad, 63 years from Peshawar Pakistan was a healthy and active gentleman till about 5 years ago when he started feeling some weakness in the thumb on the left leg. Slowly, he stared getting incidences of foot drop and within one year of starting of symptoms he was unable to walk and was confined to a wheel chair. He also lost the power in the upper limbs shortly afterword’s. He got in touch with the best neurological centers in Pakistan and was diagnosed with Motor Neuron Disease (MND). The disease continues to progress and slowly his power to speak and usage of all 4 limbs got effected. That is when the family started researching on the internet for alternative treatments. They studied about stem cells on the internet and their local doctors advised them to go for the treatment which promised to stabilize the disease and stop its progression. They got in touch with Advancells, Delhi, India and sent over their medical reports to be analyzed. Experts at Advancells counseled the family by explaining the treatment procedure, risks and success rates and advised them to go for stem cell therapy.

Stem cell therapy was performed on the patient using patients own body sources namely patients bone marrow and patient’s adipose tissue. The cells were processed and re injected in the patient via Lumbar Puncture and IV. The patient tolerated the entire procedure very well without any complications. Approximately 155 Million cells from Adipose Tissue Bone Marrow were re injected into the patient.

As per the patients nephew, they saw some improvement in the patient from 4th day of procedure where he had started to express himself in a better way then earlier. The final results will be known in 4-6 months time and hopefully patient will benefit tremendously from the therapy.

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