Residence: Idaho

Disease treated: Incomplete Paraplegia

How it Happened

Before my accident, I was employed as a logger. In 1968, my logging career was ended by a falling tree that damaged my spinal cord. After my accident, I owned and operated a chainsaw shop for 17 years. I am now retired.

Before treatment

My logging accident left me paralyzed from the waist down. I had bowel trouble and also had to use a self-catheter. After one year, I regained my ability to walk with my right leg but nothing has ever happened below either knee, no movement whatsoever. My right leg became pretty strong and I could walk as long as I wore a brace on my left leg. Ever since my accident, I have suffered from chronic pain.

I traveled to the clinic with my cousin, Robert Braucher, a quadriplegic who also received treatment for injuries he “I would recommend this treatment to anyone who is considering it” sustained in an automobile accident ten years ago. Everyone at the clinic spoke English so I could understand, and they were all very caring and nice. They all tried really hard to help me and went out of their way even when they thought they might not be able to treat me because the bones in my back were calcified. After using a CT scan, the doctor was able to implant the cells. He couldn’t have been nicer about everything. He told me what the procedure was all about and next thing I knew, they were doing it. It was simple and it didn’t hurt at all.

After treatment

Since treatment, I have regained feeling in my legs. I can now feel warmth in them. That means a lot to me since they have been cold for the past 40 years! Now, I can go outside without special clothing for my legs. They used to hurt when I went out into the cold weather but not anymore. Also, my right ankle is getting feeling and telling me to “pick that foot up”.

My bowels are working easier than before and my hips are becoming more stable. Pain in my left leg is down by half and I have been able to stop taking pain pills. Sometimes there is no pain at all. My cousin, Robert, could hardly sleep before his treatment due to chronic pain but now he sleeps all night which makes a huge difference in his quality of life.

I would recommend this treatment to anyone who is considering it.



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