From: Henrique P. [NOTE – this is Helio’s son]

Sent: Thursday, April 08, 2010 8:08 PM

Subject: Re: Patient Treatment Reference

…I am writing on behalf of my father since he does not speak English very well. You can mention his first name but we do not want for you to disclose his last name…

“…His medical exams are much better as well as his quality of life”

My father lives in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He is retired now, he is an engineer and was an entrepreneur and business owner.

He has Thalassemia, a blood anemia and probably because of it has developed the Pulmonary Hypertension. He probably has had it for many years, but it was only diagnosed in 2007.

Before his stem cell treatment, my father could not even climb a few steps upstairs. Now he can walk and has much more energy. His quality of life has improved significantly.

Specifically, four months after the stem cell treatment, the pressure of the right side of his heart dropped 22%, going from 73X20 mmHg to 57X15 mmHg, as measured by the Eco-cardiogram. This was a fantastic improvement.

The clinic is well equipped, the doctors were very careful and professional and the staff did their best to make the patients comfortable. I have been living in Germany for five years already and that made it much easier to support my Father’s trip there.

We highly recommend this treatment to other Pulmonary Hypertension patients, considering the significant improvement that he presented. His medical exams are much better as well as his quality of life.

We will be glad to exchange emails or phone calls with other patients. Others have done that for us and talking to them helped us decide to get the stem cell treatment.

Best Regards,

Henrique P.




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POST TITLE: Helio P, age 69, Pulmonary Hypertension

AUTHOR: user

POSTED ON: 15th April 2019




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