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Cartilage removed from knee after skiing accident; pain, swelling & osteoarthritis.

At the beginning of 2010 I met some people at Nelson airport who told me about their son getting stem cell treatment in Germany for his legs to help him walk which was an almost too good to be true story and made me think about my knee.

I then decided to see an Orthopaedic doctor early in 2010 who after seeing xrays of both knees said I had Osteoarthritis especially where the cartilage had been removed. He said it was something I would have to live with and suggested doing cycling to improve it but the evential outcome would be to get a knee replacement which I did not want.

“I notice a huge improvement in both knees…”

I started researching on the internet about stem cells as I had never heard of them before. I got information about how they do it in China, Mexico, Costa Rica and Germany and got in contact with the clinic after filling out an online treatment evaluation form. It was explained to me how the treatment is administered and that stem cells being injected into my knee may help but there was no guarantee. I weighed up the expense against the possibility of fixing up my knees and decided to give it a go and flew direct to the clinic to discuss more details before getting the treatment. My finaltreatmentdate was set for 22ndJuly 2010.

I had to visit the first hospital for an hour to get a blood test the first day, the second day they extracted the bone marrow from my hip using a syringe which only took five minutes – it was an unusual suction feeling, the third day they tookCT scansof my knees and the last day the stem cells were injected into both knees and my arm which was also painless. Each time I visited the hospital I met other patients from various countries and had some interesting discussions.

I found that the medical staff very professional and competent; explaining each step carefully. After receiving the stem cell injections and when I was able to walk, I noticed a huge difference and was able to do various exercises that I had not been able to do for a few years.

The doctor who administered the injections suggested that I cycle as much as possible; especially during the first 2 weeks, which is when the stem cells move around your knee cap healing everything they contact. So, I headed to Leipzig and cycled around the region, then spent a month in Thailand going to the gym, etc then returned to New Zealand via Australia.

It has been about 7 weeks since the stem cells were administered and I notice a huge improvement in both knees while at work. I can do squats and go jogging which previously had not been able to for a few years without my knee swelling up quite large. It has stopped swelling altogether. I used to go skiing and do karate which are two sports I probably could do again. I now do a lot of cycling with no knee pain or swelling, which is great.*

I would recommend this type of treatment to anyone with knee, hip, elbow, shoulder pain or osteoarthritis.


Malcolm Pasley.



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