Name : BB

Age : 8 Years old

Date of Therapy : 17th September 2018

Disease Treated : Autism

An eight year old boy BB from United Kingdom visited Advancells: Stem Cell therapy Centre, Noida for the indication of Autism. According to his father he was having learning and social interaction difficulties. Although he was 8 years old he has the reading ability of a 4-5 year old child. He was attending a special school. He expressed many features of an autistic child like no eye contact, no social interaction, inability to speak clearly, mood swings etc. He didn’t even remember how to do simple things like tying his shoe laces.

He was diagnosed with Autism at the age of 2 years, and since then, he has been undergoing occupational and speech therapy. BB medical history revealed that he was born by emergency caesarian because he was being choked by his umbilical cord and this caused mild brain damage.

After the consultation and investigations BB was advised to go ahead with stem cell autism treatment for better outcome. He was treated on 17th September 2018 with allogenic source of stem cells. Where umbilical cord derived Mesenchymal stem cells (UCMSCs) were used for the therapy. Stem cells were injected into patient body through two different routes like intravenous route and lumbar puncture. Following the UCMSCs as the primary therapy, he underwent speech and occupational therapy also. The therapy was for one session and the patient was discharged in stable condition from the hospital.

After a gap of three months follow up was done on BB. Based on the medical reports and behavioral observations it was found that the outcome of therapy was quite positive and in favor of the child. The improvement observed in the patient are listed below-

  • He now talks a lot more
  • Has less bad mood now
  • Sense of smelling improved
  • He started socializing with other kids
  • Improvement in eye contact and vocabulary
  • He has stopped bed wetting

Overall our patient BB showed remarkable improvement in health, social skills, cognition following treatment with stem cell therapy. The parents are very satisfied and happy with the changes in BB and they keep updating us about his overall development. They are now looking forward to second session of therapy which will be planned in 9 months time for continued improvements.

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