DOB: 10/11/1963

Condition: Thinning of Hair

Mrs. Pooja Singh, a 54-year-old, interior designer; underwent combined treatment of PRP and fat derived stem cells with “The Youthful Me”, under the guidance of Dr. Deepali Bhardwaj on 4th February 2017. After receiving stem cells stimulated with patient’s own platelet rich plasma (PRP), incredible visible improvements were noticed. This testimonial, being narrated in her own words; outlines about, how did she manage to regain her self-confidence back! She is quite astonished with overall investigational procedures and ultimately is thankful for her decision to proceed with stem cells and PRP therapy.

Pre-Procedural History

The entire journey of my hair loss, started with sudden thinning of my precious hair and ended up in meeting the entire team of “The Youthful Me”. I am very obliged to them for the assistance in regaining my confidence back and restoring my looks! While this was a long, difficult and challenging period, I had to go through; I should be thankful about their honest opinions during various stages of uncertainty, fear, pain, and untimely success as well as happiness. I totally agree that my decision was money well spent, as it is impacting my day to day life.

Getting into a bit in more details; I have had a problem of hair thinning for a quite a long. When I first noticed, thinning of my hair, leading towards the preceding hair line; I then realized how thick my hair was formerly. Apparently, progressive thinning was continuous; even after looking into all sorts of ways to address the issue. Now at this stage, when I look back, I can sense how utterly ridiculous my attitude was; as my hair conditions and all the treatments I had opted for; had affected my emotions as well as my pocket. I am still baffled with the concept of insurance companies, considering this to be a cosmetic issue; contrary to which, it should be categorized through a psychosocial perception, especially for a woman. It was so upsetting to me, when I understood that all the modern extensions, weaves as well as hair pieces, etc. are worth only for people with thick hair on their crown, but not for the scanty hair, I probably had; as it could significantly damage the stuff more. Since I tried all sorts of vitamin supplements, and various other over the counter pills and potions, which promised surprises to no avail; I was not open to take any more prescription drugs, as I didn’t want to take any risk associated with those drugs, without any guarantee about those drugs anyways. I was referred to Dr. Deepali with a personal recommendation, through whom I came to know about “The Youthful Me”; and till date I have not been able to figure out, why didn’t I find this before! My consultation went on very nicely.

30 Day Post Procedural Review

I was very scared about the procedure, but since I had committed; I didn’t turn back. While I was informed about slight pain and discomfort, I was prepared for the same. However, the situation changed slowly and gradually, I started feeling better; although I had decided not to draw any conclusions halfway, I was being very calm, patient and positive throughout the period. I started to see positive changes, within just few weeks after my procedure! I still believe I am not finished seeing the final positive results though; I consider this procedure to be a success; and would definitely recommend the same to others!



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