Year of birth: 1939
Disease treated: Diabetes type 2

How it started

“I no longer require any medication”

I had been diagnosed with Diabetes type 2 for four years when, in the beginning of 2008, my blood sugar levels became increasingly high. Despite following a very strict diet – I was nearly starving myself – and taking oral anti-diabetics, my blood sugar levels were spiking up to 7,2 mmol/l (130 mg/dl) (Normal is from 4,5 (80mg/dl) to 6,7 mmol/l (120mg/dl)). I have always been very pro-active when it comes to my health and found out about a possible stem cell therapy while actually researching the internet about my cardiovascular disease. The combination of my cardiovascular problems (I have had 8 stents implanted) and the worsening of my diabetes was worrying me quite a lot. By all means, I was trying to avoid becoming insulin-dependent, but I was getting near the limit.

First stem cell treatment in March 2008

By the end of March 2008, I consulted my endocrinologist who encouraged the idea of stem cell treatments. I traveled to germany with my wife, who is of German origin, and my daughter, a nurse. We spent 10 pleasant days in Germany visiting relatives prior to checking in. The bone marrow was collected from my hip bone and the stem cells were reapplied via angiography directly into the pancreas. Although I was informed that the procedure might cause a little pain, I did not require any local anesthetic.

The result

Upon my return home, merely four days after the re-implantation of stem cells, my blood sugar levels were going down rapidly. My US endocrinologist, advised me to discontinue my medication just three months later.

Today my blood sugar levels are down to an average of 5,5 mmol/l (99 mg/dl). My quality of life has improved, now that I do not have to follow a strict diet and have a better peace of mind with regards to my blood sugar levels. I no longer require any medication. A possible side effect might be an improvement in my cardiovascular system. In the past, during regular treadmill-cardiovascular examinations, I had felt immense chest pains. The last one prior to treatment in July 2007, the pain was quite unbearable. A repeat test in the summer of 2008 – after my stem cell therapy – caused no chest-pain at all!


My diabetes might not be cured, but it has improved very satisfactorily. If necessary I would undergo a second treatment. I wish there was better education available about adult stem cell therapy – which is often wrongly mistaken with embryonic stem cell therapy – and for a wider availability of the treatment, especially in the US, and especially for patients who do not have the financial resources to travel abroad for treatment.



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