Name :  Mrs. Jasmine Nam

Age : 38 Years

Date of Therapy : May 1st 2019

Disease Treated : Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus

Hi I am Jasmine Nam, citizen of Canada. I am 38 years old married woman with two kids. In spite of my healthy life style I have been suffering from Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus (T1DM). I tried all the medications but the sugar level remained uncontrolled which made me anxious and worried for my condition. I was on high dose of Insulin and taking almost 5 Unit Insulin for 1 g of carbohydrate. I decided to look out for an alternate therapy. I started searching for any other way to control Diabetes apart from Insulin injections. During my online search I got to know about stem cell treatment. Lots of stories and articles stated that stem cell is a useful and effective way to control diabetes. Finally, my continuous search led me to Advancells website. After a thorough look into the website I contacted Advancells through email. Within 24 hours they replied me back with a procedural detail and requested me to share the reports for further discussions. I sent them all the reports for doctor’s opinion. After discussing my reports with the Doctor, the stem cell specialist spoke to me. All my doubts were cleared by the stem cell expert and I decided to go ahead with the therapy as they convinced me with the patient data available with them and various other scientific reports which stated that stem cells have 40-50% chances of better results in diabetic patients. So, I decided to go ahead with it. But since I am residing in Canada, I had to make my travel plan before I could fix my therapy date. So, after finalizing my traveling schedule Advancells fixed my appointment with Doctors at a multispecialty hospital in Delhi for May 1st, 2019. In the meantime, I was constantly discussing treatment plans with the Advancells staff and they were being very cooperative.

I was received by Advancells personnel at IGI airport, Delhi to the hotel where I planned to stay. My appointment with the doctor for OPD and investigations was fixed for next day. I reached hospital on the set time where Advancells staff took me to the doctor for thorough examination. Doctor decided to undergo autologous bone marrow derived stem cells treatment for me. Considering my health condition, site specific  route of injection was decided. On the day of treatment, I was admitted in the hospital and autologous therapy was performed under the guidance of expert doctors. After an overnight hospital stay, I was discharged next day and I flew back to Canada in two days in stable condition.

It is been three months now since I got stem cells injected in my body and I am glad to share that I could see improvement in my condition as there is 30-40% less Insulin dependency now. Now I am taking 1 Unit of Insulin for 7 g of carbohydrate. I am maintaining low carbohydrate diet to have a balanced lifestyle.

Stem cell transplantation may improve islet function in response to glucose. It decreases the need of external Insulin without any side effects as stem cells differentiate and starts making its own β-cells and induces production of Insulin.

Hence, I would advise all Diabetic patients to go ahead for stem cell therapy. As it is completely safe with no side effects and with significant outcome. I would also recommend Advancells as it has best GMP certified Lab, efficient scientists and staff and associations with best hospitals in Delhi NCR region.

I may plan for booster dose in future for a prolonged effect of therapy.

POST TITLE: Patient Testimonial Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus

AUTHOR: user

POSTED ON: 10th September 2019



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