Residence: Perth, Australia

Written letter to patient advisor

Sorry I did not get back to you earlier, and also sorry that I did not catch up with you back in town. You wanted to know how the stem cell treatment affected me? Well, this is my experience.

I arrived at the clinic on a Monday in mid-February, 2010 where they explained all the legal procedures and took blood samples. Then, they extracted the bone marrow from my hip. My doctor was Michael John. I returned one day later. My stem cells were ready and were injected into my knees.

I then met friend I knew and traveled to a city called Archam. I can say that after three days, I felt much better. I could walk and there was no pain in my knees. I felt a bit sick while I was in Archam and I contacted Dr. John. He thought I caught a local bug that was going around at the time. After we left Archam, we visited more places along the Rhine. I had no further problems and no side-effects.

Upon my return to Australia, and a much warmer climate, I felt excellent until two months later. My left knee was still excellent but my right knee was beginning to hurt again. It has now been three months since my treatment and I’ve been using a prescribed drug called MOBIC for my arthritis. I think that the winter weather and this drug might be the reason for my right knee not performing as good as my left.

At the moment, I feel much better than I was before but I think my right knee needs more attention. This morning, I attempted to run; something I have not been able to do for years. I felt like I could have run on my left knee but my right knee was slowing me down. However, I am happy. Perhaps in a few more months, my situation will improve. I will keep you posted.

By the way, since I have returned to Australia, I’ve been overwhelmed by requests from people who want to learn about this procedure. I’ve used up all of the pamphlets I took from the clinic in English and I believe some people are on their way to you. If I could have more, I will make sure that people are well informed here in Australia!

Best regards for now and please feel free to use my information for further publication. You are doing great work! Please keep me informed on any new progress.

Regards to all the staff,

Co. Robert Da Prato



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POST TITLE: Robert Da Pato, 64 years, Osteoarthritis – Knees

AUTHOR: Editorial Team

POSTED ON: 11th December 2018

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