Residence: Cyprus

Story Date: March 15, 2010

I am 57 and South African by birth. I have lived in Seychelles, Paris and now in Cyprus since 14 years where I do interior design. I started with osteoarthritis about ten years ago. My ther suffered with osteoarthritis from about the age of 50 for the rest of her life.

My osteoarthritis started mainly in my hands and then spread to my elbows and knees following the use of exercise machines. It started later in my feet.

I have always used my hands a lot and enjoy many different arts and crafts. I am doing mosaic and painting on porcelain at the moment. My hands have gradually got worse over the years and not only were they very painful but they became stiff and unsightly with large swellings on the joints.

“…since treatment I HAVE BEEN PAIN FREE!!!!”

I read an article about stem-cell therapy in an English Sunday newspaper and also in the Financial Times and of course on the internet.

Mrs. Mirja Schneider was allocated to my case and she was extremely helpful and very encouraging about the results of stem cell therapy.

I sent her my X-rays and was given an appointment within a month to have the treatment.

The clinic and Dr. Michael John and all the nurses all spoke English very well and were extremely helpful and kind. The stem-cell therapy was carried out in a most professional way. From the moment my stem-cells (some 6.5 million) were injected into my hand joints, into my elbows, knees and feet I HAD NO MORE PAIN…

The treatment was done at the beginning of November (2009) and since then I HAVE BEEN PAIN FREE!!!! I can highly recommend this treatment to anyone suffering with osteoarthritis and the sooner one has it done the better!



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POST TITLE: Wendy Funston, 57 years, Osteoarthritis

AUTHOR: Editorial Team

POSTED ON: 11th December 2018

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