DOB: 27 February 1959 in Ruma, Serbia

Disease treated: Spinal Cord Injury

How it Happened

In March 2005, I suffered a car accident. My injuries were severe and I became paralyzed.

The Consequences

My left arm was completely non-functional. I could use my right arm with 40% capacity, but fine motor control was lacking. I had no feeling below my chest, although I was able to sense the need for urination and defecation. My life had completely changed. I began to lose hope because conventional medicine had no answer to my predicament.


During 2008, I realized that the implantation of stem cells would give me a new chance for a better life.

The entire staff at the clinic maintained a high level of professionalism throughout my stay. From the time their driver met me at the airport in a modified vehicle to the time I returned home, everyone did a superb job.


After my lumbar puncture treatment in September 2008, I started with daily exercise and high motivation for recovery. After 6 months, sensation in my back and partially in stomach muscles has returned. Feeling returned in my right leg, and partially in my left leg. Now, I have complete feeling in my private parts and most importantly my erections are now the same as they were before the accident!

My hand coordination has completely returned. Fine motor skills have significantly improved in the right hand. Left arm mobility and function is 50% better, hand 25%. Now I use it almost as well as my right hand.

My quality of life and independence have improved dramatically compared to previous condition. Therefore, I have no doubt about undergoing another stem cell treatment becoming so encouraged after this initial success.



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