DOB: 30 August 1971

Disease treated: Spinal Cord Injury

Serbian News Update- “Zvonko Milojevic Slowly Rises”(January 25, 2011)

How It Happened

I was paralyzed after a car accident. Following that accident, I followed advice to undergo autologous stem cell treatment.

My First Treatment

My first treatment was in December 2008. After that treatment, I did my best to exercise; a combination of physical therapy and swimming pool exercises. However, the recovery was slow because I had spasms. Because of these spasms, improvement was not as expected.

My Second Treatment

In June 2009, I underwent a second treatment via lumbar puncture. Afterwards, I continued intensive exercise. Spasms significantly decreased and the improvement was visible. Approximately 4 months after my second treatment, I started to move my hips left and right. Moreover, I was able to move and control my stomach muscles which was not the case before the second round of stem cells. I also began to feel strong numbness in the back side of my legs and heels, as well as in my legs more generally. My overall condition had improved.

My Third Treatment

My third stem cell treatment was performed in January 2010. The doctor told me that I must consistently work on my physical therapy and that any results can be expected in the following 3 to 6 months. I hope that further progress will be obvious. I do not want to regress.

My Outlook

I will continue with phyical therapy and stem cell treatments until I can stand on my own. I am completely committed to this goal.



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