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Stem Cell Therapy For Diabetes

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    Diabetes Patient Stories

    Patient Testimonial Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus

    Name :  Mrs. Jasmine Nam Age : 38 Years Date of Therapy : May 1st 2019 Disease Treated : Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus Hi I am Jasmine Nam, citizen of Canada. I am 38 years old married woman with two kids. In spite of my healthy life style I have been suffering from Type 1...

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    Abdul Salam, 55 Years old, Diabetes patient story, Iraq

    Mr. Abdul Salam 55 year old male was suffering from uncontrolled diabetes mellitus since past 20 years with featured diabetes neuropathy. He was facing a problem with frequent urination, blurred vision, unstable sugar level in blood, fatigue. Besides, the patient had...

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    Mr.Ramesh Sharma 60 Years, Diabetic Foot

    Mr. Ramesh Sharma, was 60 years old when he diagnosed with the Type 1 Diabetes. As he was a fit and healthy man, it was quiet a shocking news for his family member. Considering it as an old age disease, Ramesh began to undergo a classical treatment to control his...

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    Abdul Hadi Diabetes Patient Story

    Abdul Hadi is a 51 year old gentleman from Saudi Arabia who has been suffering from Diabetes Type 2 for the past 5 years. His disease has progressed to him being insulin dependent and even after taking insulin 2 times a day the HbA1C of the patient was at 8.8 in...

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    Pradeep J, Diabetes Type 2

    Pradeep J, Stem Cell Progress (Feedback to Advancells) Mr. Pradeep has been diabetic and despite his control on diet and regular exercise, he was not able to control his insulin levels. And then he heard of Stem Cell Therapies and their benefits. Now, after getting...

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    Sean DePaula, 20 years, Diabetes Type 1

    Born: Olympia, Washington Background My name is Sean DePaula and I am from Golden, Colorado. I am 20 years old and a student at the University of Colorado at Boulder. I was diagnosed with Type I Diabetes 8 months ago (Sept. 09). Condition Before Stem Cell Therapy...

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    Bogomila Ilieva, 14 years, Diabetes Type 1

    February 2011 From: Dimitrovgrad, Bulgaria "We have excellent impressions from the clinic, the doctors, the staff and in general" Bogomila was diagnosed with DM1 in November 2009. In the beginning of May 2010 Bogomila got her stem cell treatment via angiography....

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    Charles Rothwell, 69 years, Diabetes Type 2

    Diagnosis I was first diagnosed with Type2 Diabetes in May 1980. For the following 28 years I managed to keep my condition under control with diet, exercise and tablets my HBA 1C readings varying between 6 - 7.5. Gradually the readings elevated to 8+ for my 3 monthly...

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    Dr. Prof. Alberto Bazzan, 64 years, Diabetes type 2

    Country: Italy Treatments: August 2007 and January 2009 I was diagnosed with diabetes type 2 in 2005. I weighed 124 kg, did not exercise and would sweat for no good reason. My doctor began treating me with metformin in gradually increasing dosages. Neither exercising...

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    Patient story of Ted Potter, 68 years, Diabetes type 2

    Year of birth: 1939 Disease treated: Diabetes type 2 How it started "I no longer require any medication" I had been diagnosed with Diabetes type 2 for four years when, in the beginning of 2008, my blood sugar levels became increasingly high. Despite following a very...

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