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Biomedical science continues to progress in various domains with stem cell therapy rate gaining an upward push but there are some general questions that the public looks forward to what is stem cell therapy? What is the success rate of stem cell therapy in India? What is the cost of stem cell therapy in India? Let us discuss these questions in our article for a more comprehensible understanding of the stem cell treatment success rate in India.

What Is Stem Cell Therapy?

Stem cell therapy is a cell-based regenerative therapy that uses the potential of stem cells to proliferate and differentiate into various other body cell types. For this form of treatment, as in the case of autologous stem cell therapy, stem cells are extracted from the patient’s body, and post-processing, healthy stem cells are re-infused in the body to reach the affected area and encourage healing or rejuvenation to form new healthy cells and to replace cells damaged by disease/injury.

What Diseases Can Be Treated By Stem Cell Therapy In India?

The most widely used stem cell therapy in India is for treating blood-related conditions like leukemia and lymphoma. However, stem cell therapy in India is progressing towards more clinical applications for many new avenues list of diseases treated by stem cells. Although many diseases like Kidney disorders and Alzheimer’s are yet to gain FDA approval, stem cell therapy pilot studies have shown positive outcomes. The stem cell treatment success rate in India is on the rise because stem cell therapy in India is being progressively accepted for disorders like diabetes, Autism, and arthritis, along with other tissue-degenerative disorders.

Stem Cell Therapy Success Rate In India

Like every medical treatment, doctors cannot claim a miracle with stem cell therapy in India. So, what makes stem cell therapy successful? Where conventional medicines have side effects or can just reduce the disease progression by reducing the disease symptoms, stem cell therapy in India proves a point by assuring the potential of reversing the disease severity by healing injured or damaged tissues/cells. In the last few years, India has become a principal destination for patients pursuing stem cell therapy. Stem cell therapy in India offers various advantages to patients, as compared to developed countries like the USA. Stem cell therapy success rate in India owes mainly to the lower cost of stem cell therapy and optimum proficiency in terms of technology and medical personnel expertise.

The cost of stem cell therapy in India ranges from 4k-10k USD whereas it starts from 10k USD when the USA and other developed countries are concerned. Stem cell therapy in India has shown a good number of successful outcomes in the case of diabetes, osteoarthritis, sports injuries, ALS, Alzheimer’s, and blood disorders. The stem cell therapy success results in India is around 70% to 80% in the case of autologous stem cell therapy as no risk of graft vs host diseases occur. In India, over 500 cases are treated yearly using stem cell therapy and this figure is hopefully ready to grow significantly in the impending years. Drop your queries at [email protected] or you can also get in touch with us at +91-9654321400 for more information.

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