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Stem Cell Therapy For Spinal Cord Injury

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    SCI Patient Stories

    Lavinia Conopan, 31 years, Spinal Cord Injury

    Year of birth: 1978 Disease treated: Spinal cord injury Car crash We were driving home from my 25th birthday celebration when the driver took a curve too fast and lost control over the car. The car spun around, crushed and landed on its roof. I was seating in the...

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    Justin McCray, 17 yrs old, Spinal Cord Injury

    Hattiesburg American - Injured Athlete to Return to School By Stan Caldwell Hattiesburg American - January 10, 2010 Monday will be a red-letter day for Justin McCray. Bright and early on Monday morning, McCray will meet the bus outside his home in the Glendale...

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    Patricia Miller, age 51, Spinal Cord Injury

    DOB: 18 Jan. 1958 Disease treated: Incomplete Paraplegia How it Happened On November 21, 2001 I fell 20 feet off the roof of our house. I sustained a spinal cord injury at T12, L1, L2, and also a C7 fracture. My right ankle was also shattered. I was airlifted to a...

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    Zvonko Milojevic, 38 years, Spinal Cord Injury

    DOB: 30 August 1971 Disease treated: Spinal Cord Injury Serbian News Update- "Zvonko Milojevic Slowly Rises"(January 25, 2011) How It Happened I was paralyzed after a car accident. Following that accident, I followed advice to undergo autologous stem cell treatment....

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    Zivota Jeremic, 50 years, Spinal Cord Injury

    DOB: 27 February 1959 in Ruma, Serbia Disease treated: Spinal Cord Injury How it Happened In March 2005, I suffered a car accident. My injuries were severe and I became paralyzed. The Consequences My left arm was completely non-functional. I could use my right arm...

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    Michael Delaney, 21 years, Spinal Cord Injury

    Residence: Whangarei, New Zealand Story by: Allan and Ellan Delaney (parents) The Accident In late December 2007 Michael broke the adontoid peg off C2 and damaged C3 and C5 in a swimming accident. He lay face down in the water because he was paralysed and when he was...

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    Kamiljon Halbayen SCI Patient Story

    Patient Kamiljon Halbayen, 27 year old from Turkmenistan met a car accident 1 year ago and injured his Spinal Cord. The surgery was carried out in Turkmenistan to repair the cord but the patient became paraplegic and was bed ridden and paralyzed from waist down....

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