Age : 29 years

Disease Treated : Interstitial Lung Disease

29 years, MADHUSMITA PATRO from Odisha Treated For Interstitial Lung Disease through Stem Cells.

Ms. Patro has been diagnosed with Cystic Bronchiectasis and recurrent Pneumonia, Interstitial Lung disease (ILD) since 2017 and has become chronic over time. The illness had a severe impact on her day-to-day life. Ms Madhusmita Patro, a banker by profession, was unable to carry out and manage her work because of a serious cough problem and health issue. She found it difficult to balance her work and personal life. She tried everything for the treatment but was not successful. She also visited a doctor in Visakhapatnam and was told that “there is no cure for her illness and she needs to take medication for a lifetime”. Ms Patro was distressed by the circumstances.

In 2020, she travelled to Hyderabad and a physician suggested stem cell therapy for this non treatable chronic disease, ILD Ms Patro contacted Ms Srilata and Dr Lipi at Advancells for the commencement of the stem cell therapy process.

Madhusmita Patro ILD

1st stem cell infusion

Patro visited Delhi for consultation. She received the therapy under the direction of Dr.Lipi Singh and her team. Ms Patro quotes “I am thankful to Dr Lipi for guiding me through the process of stem cell therapy and making me feel comfortable.”

Incredible Results!

A visible improvement was observed in her condition after a couple of months. Her oxygen level is improved and now she can walk up to 1km without getting tired. NO shortness of breath, No difficulty in breathing or wheezing sound, and any pain.

2nd Stem Cell Infusion

She was under strict follow-up with Dr Lipi Singh since the first infusion (6-8 months) and was advised for a repeat. Recently, she underwent her second infusion of stem cell therapy at Advancells and we are anticipating further improvements in Ms Patro’s condition.

Her own words:

“Although stem cell therapy is not definitive and is an experimental therapy, I have this medical treatment option available to live with a good quality of life.” Earlier, I was depressed with routine medical treatment which has been ongoing for since last several years without relieving my symptoms but rather worsening my condition. I am very much thankful to Advancells, Noida and luckily, I met Dr Lipi Singh for all assistance/ advice about stem cell therapy in my case.

3rd Stem Cell Infusion

Both personally and professionally, 29 years MADHUSMITA PATRO from Odisha was doing well after 2nd infusion. she came for 3rd infusion for better recovery. This time she underwent for stem cell with exosome therapy just before Diwali, the time when Delhi NCR was under pollution threat. As her condition worsened while traveling to Delhi, she was assisted with an oxygen cylinder as her oxygen levels decreased to 85-87 percent. Now, after 3rd infusion, she is clinically stable, oxygen level goes up and it is now > 92 mm Hg. She can walk up to 500 m -1 km, and can work without oxygen therapy assistance. NO shortness of breath, No difficulty in breathing or wheezing sound, and any pain.

“I am very thankful to Advancells, Noida and grateful to Dr Lipi for guiding me through the process of Stem cell/Exosome therapy and the posttreatment follow ups. My all infusion were made more comfortable by her”.