Mr. Abdul Salam 55 year old male was suffering from uncontrolled diabetes mellitus since past 20 years with featured diabetes neuropathy. He was facing a problem with frequent urination, blurred vision, unstable sugar level in blood, fatigue. Besides, the patient had a 9 years old history of hypertension and was on the medications since then.

“I was suffering from the disease since past 20 years; I firmly believed that by being strictly committed to the diet and nutritional recommendation; I could be able to cope up with my condition. However, I continued to be in trauma, I could neither control my cravings nor could I control my diabetes. “

Mr. Abdul searched a lot on the internet about diabetes and other current problems, he was suffering from. During one of his desperate searches, he came across Advancells, providing stem cells based treatment to diabetes.

“I am very glad that I could get help from Advancells, which offered me stem cells treatment. It was like suddenly, you could find a piece of log; when you are fighting in the middle of the sea with dangerous storm! I should specially point out that the treatment which was offered to me; was a combinational approach touching all the aspects of diabetes related complications.”

With the help of our team of experts and specialists, Mr. Abdul had undergone expert examinations at one of our associated hospital. During examinations, his glycosylated hemoglobin (HbA1C) level was found to be 9.2%; indicating poorly controlled diabetes.

“I was being told that HbA1c is a pigment of blood that carries oxygen in association with glucose. The level of HbA1c will show how well my diabetes is controlled. It will give me an overview of my glucose metabolism.”

Finally, as per the expert’s suggestions, Mr. Abdul had undergone stem cells infusions from his own Bone Marrow and Adipose Tissue. The whole treatment was a one day affair and our team was critically supporting Mr. Abdul in the entire procedure and was discharged under satisfactory condition.

“Three months post my treatment; I feel considerable improvement in my stamina level. I am mentally calm and feeling healthier from within. Off course, I showed my dedication to the treatment; I followed all that was suggested by my doctors. Which I was doing earlier also, but this time my efforts were shown in my results. After a health check, I was remarked that by blood glucose metabolism is under control and my HbA1C is now 6.8%.”

“I should be thankful to the team of Advancells. I wish that Advancells is used better and should continue to serve the society at large.* “

Pre-Op Report (12 Jan 2016) & Progress Report (11 April 2016)



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POST TITLE: Abdul Salam, 55 Years old, Diabetes patient story, Iraq

AUTHOR: Editorial Team

POSTED ON: 14th April 2019



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