Name: Mr. Akhil
DOB: 23/04/75
Date of Treatment: 8/10/2013

Akhil has been suffering from muscular dystrophy. He was a challenging case as the patient had fibrosis tumors all over spine and body. As a result his spine was very weak and a aspiration of BM was a difficult task to achieve. Our expert Neuro surgeon was only able to aspirate about 40ml of BM as against the desired 150ml. As a result although the quality and viability of CD 34 stem cells was uncompromised, the quantity was quite less to get the desired effect. The aim of the therapy was to sustain progression of disease and reclaim muscle power.*

Please find below the improvements observed and excerpt of our follow up with the patient.

1. Were you aware about stem cell therapy before getting this treatment?

Answer: Yes, I was.

2. Did you have any fears in mind before opting for the treatment? If yes, what were they?

Answer: Yes, there were some apprehensions. They were about the success of the Adult Stem Cell treatment. We were counseled professionally and made to understand the risks and benefits and success rates.

3. What was the condition of the patient before the therapy?

Answer: I had weakness in right side of body and a bit less weakness in left one.

4. What all have been tried by you for treatment before going for stem cell therapy?

Answer: I was taking medicines along with physiotherapy. I also got operated for spine 3 and a half years back.

5. Have you observed improvements post treatment?

Answer: Yes, there have been visible improvements. These improvements happened in the first two months of therapy. As per my physiotherapist, there is improvement in the muscle strength, * (muscle charting form just after treatment and 5 months post treatment are attached). There has been no progression in the disease also.

6. How has your experience been at Advancells on the whole, and would you recommend stem cell therapy to other patients?

Answer: I will recommend. Stem cell therapy surely works. Also Although it is a natural process but it is always advisable to first consult your doctor before going for the treatment.

7. Are you happy with the outcome of the treatment?

Answer: I am partly satisfied with my results.

8. Was the treatment painful?

Answer: The treatment was little bit painful. Not much.

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