Year of birth: 7th March 1992

I had been diagnosed with a degenerative condition a decade ago, which is marked as the beginning of my muscular weakening and progressive muscle damage. Initially, I had experienced frequent falls, which forced us to meet an orthopedist; wherein I had my initial testing and they ultimately referred me to a neurologist. I was being diagnosed for muscular dystrophy; at the time, the public awareness about the disease was horrific, and no doubt we didn’t have even the slightest inclination about my condition and how serious it could be! Me and my family were in utter shock, when we realized that my condition is incurable and medical science does not have any treatment for this condition, it had been all the more shocking to know that we didn’t have any family history reported for the said condition.

Although, my parents were really very depressed, they didn’t exhibit their mental status any time in front of me! On the contrary, both of them ensured that all my requirements, needs and wishes are being taken care of. Having a type of muscular dystrophy although doesn’t limit your choices or ability to follow your dreams. However, it is certainly not easy to live with a kind of disability; wherein your muscles tend to grow weaker over the period of time. I should acknowledge that they are the ones, for whom I finally gave away my denial and despair for the disease, and started searching for a medical miracle. I had no idea that my aggressive internet search would allow me to know more about stem cells therapy; leading to a possible cure for a dangerous condition, I had been through for past so many years.

I underwent stem cells therapy in three sessions, was advised physiotherapy and nutritional diet. I found my condition to be substantially alleviated, in terms of my emotional strength and favorably active movement, without any falls. My gait has improved; I feel more coordinated with improved strength in my forearms. My doctor has as well acknowledged, a considerable muscle mass improvement, post stem cell therapy; with decreased visibility of pectoral skeletons as well as clavicle. To my surprise, I can now drive effortlessly, which obviously I was not able to do earlier! My next follow up is due in April and I am looking forward for many more astonishments; till then I have been asked to maintain a diet rich in proteins and regular physiotherapy training sessions.

Stem cells therapy has become my greatest ally in living a happy life; as one thing I am totally convinced for, no matter where life will take me, my ultimate goal should be to be happy and to enjoy my life with a positive spirit, in a hope that one day I would completely lead a normal life.



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