Prior To Treatment

Hello, my name is Alison French, I am 35 years old, a lady of course, and have had multiple sclerosis for the past 11 years. I was diagnosed with relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis on the 14th October 1999.

My ms had gone undiagnosed for about 4 years before 1999.

So, the next ten years were a lot of trial and error. Trying different medications like beta interferons, rebif, and methylprednislone.

Don’t get me wrong. The interferon may have done its job in slowing the progression of ms. My Doctor could never say that I was secondary ms. Mind you, I was trying to hold onto my life and my faculties for as long as I could.

Only in the last 7 years have I needed the aid of a walking stick, as my balance is not good. I walk with a very confused gait.(like a drunk)

I had my son 7 yrs ago. That was an achievement. During the pregnancy, all was good. I was swimming up to 1 km. a week until I was 36 weeks. I then relapsed three months after the birth. In this time, my walking had become very stiff and animated. I tended to drag or flick out my right foot or walk around it.

I joined a gym as you do and had been doing well, going to the gym, getting my boy off to school. But in the back of my mind, I knew stem cells were going to help. Didn’t know how,who, what,where, but I knew.

So, I emailed a web site called cells4health. I sent all the necessary paperwork and let the center’s board look over it. They did. One night in September 2009, I got a call from the Area Manager Issam Errahmaoui, letting me know that I was accepted for adult stem cell treatment in November 2009. Yeah!

At the Clinic

The treatment consisted of bone marrow biopsy, which felt like a corked bottom. The staff make you feel relaxed, which makes the treatment seem easy. Ah, but it is!

The day after the biopsy was a free day for me while the doctors harvested the cells. I returned the day after my free day and had the cells put back into my spinal canal by lumbar puncture. It went fine. There was no pain. I was just a bit dizzy, which is normal.

Its done! I suppose I did feel different when I got out of bed to go to the toilet at the center. I didn’t feel as swimmy in the head and I wasn’t using furniture for balance as I walked to the toilet. Wow! About a day and half after treatment, I got the headache from hell. Just made it to Amsterdam, and that’s where I stayed in bed for 3 days. Yes I was still in Europe!


So what’s changed?

I can put weight on and it stays on. I was 35-40kg now am 50kg.

My posture is straighter; not so much slouching anymore.

I can get in and out of bed easier. I have colour in my face. I think I got a little taller as well; little subtle changes that have helped .

People said that I look different, they couldn’t say what it was but ‘something ‘ was different. And I guess I do feel different, good different.*



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