Anita Sharma, 33 years old, India
Name: Anita Sharma
Age: 33 years old
Condition: Endometrial Thinning, Multiple Miscarriages

Failed Pregnancies

I was diagnosed with endometrial thinning at the age of 26 years. My periods were painful and irregular most of the time. I have also had multiple miscarriages due to thin endometrium. It was high time when I and my husband decided to go for IVF. However, IVF also didn’t work out for me and resulted in a failed pregnancy. I was shattered! Being a mother is something which I have dreamt of all my life and my heart was aching to go through all of these problems.

A Ray of Hope: Stem Cell Therapy

One fine day my husband got to know about stem cell therapy. After extensive online research, we found Advancells in Noida, India. We had a consultation at Advancells and decided to undergo stem cell therapy. It was a smooth and easy procedure. We were into 4 weeks after therapy and the result was outstanding!

The Result

4 weeks post-therapy, I got to know that I am pregnant! It was the happiest day of my life! My pregnancy was smooth, I didn’t face any difficulty and I gave birth to a healthy baby girl. I would like to thank Advancells for all the support and for paving the path of motherhood for me.

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