Treatment: IV Mannitol

Treatment Date: February 17, 2011

“We are happy with the result of the stemcell treatment so far (three weeks after treatment),… We are already thinking/dreaming of a repeat treatment.”

April was born on January 9th, 2004. She was born with Down syndrome and a duodenal artresia and annular pancreas. This was surgically corrected within days after birth and after a hospital stay of about 6 weeks April came home. Breastfeeding April for a year her health was good. We stimulated her development and played and interacted with April intensively. This resulted in her development being only mildly delayed: sitting at app. 9 months, signing (mummy, daddy, more) at 12 months and uttering her first word (dada) at about 14 months. At app. 18-22 months she started walking but shortly after April received her childhood vaccinations ‘things’started to go downhill fast.

Within a few months April ‘lost’ her signs and words and she appeared deaf, not responding to our voices or music. Eye contact was severely reduced, she refused to walk, stopped playing with her toys, developed extreme sleeping problems and temper tantrums. Her development had stopped and she withdrew herself completely. She went from a happy, social toddler to a hyperactive, severely disturbed little girl.

She broke out in rashes constantly, started having ear infections one after the other. After many courses of antibiotics she developed rashes (allergies) for most antibiotics and chemicals (perfumes, additives etc.). Finally she started having bowel movements once every two weeks, needing laxatives for relief.

The regression, of course, was first blamed on her genetic condition: Down syndrome. But having spent 24/7 with my child since birth, intensively working and playing every day, I knew ‘something’ had triggered this abrupt change.

When April was about 3 years old and literally leaving any space as if a twister went thru, throwing everything within reach onto the floor, she received the diagnosis autism (and ADHD was reserved in her file).

That’s when we started making changes in her diet into GFCF (gluten free/casein free), eating only biologic/organic produce, we threw out all chemical cleaners and started giving supplements and enzymes. We saw an immediate improvement in all fields of development and general health. Encouraged by the success we started looking for more therapies that could help April.

On February 17, 2011 April (age 7) underwent stem cell therapy via IV. There were no side effects and the treatment caused only minimal discomfort to April. Within several days of treatment April started showing more interest for our daily routines, she started imitating more readily and we saw an increase in her self-help skills. April is more aware (following instructions), her play skills are increasing (showing interest in more toys/games) and her social skills are improving (looking for contact with others). School has reported that April’s verbal attempts are improving in both frequency and intelligebility .

“We are happy with the result of the stemcell treatment sofar (three weeks after treatment), and are working hard with April to help maximize the gains. We are already thinking/dreaming of a repeat treatment.”



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