Name: Awadhesh Kumar
Age: 29 years
Date of Therapy: 04th November 2022

I was diagnosed with erectile dysfunction 3 years ago. I am 29 years old and unable to engage in sexual activity. How chaotic is my life? My self-assurance hit zero. I thought that the earth would eventually split open and swallow me whole. I was lost. I tried several Ayurveda medicines but they didn’t work for me. I was also introduced to shockwave therapy, and though I experienced a little improvement in my condition I wasn’t satisfied.

How did Stem Cell Therapy help me?

After looking out for various therapies and treatments. I learned about stem cell therapy and contacted Advancells for the same. I underwent my first stem cell therapy in August 2022. I was given a shot of stem cells with exosomes and platelet-rich plasma (PRP).

Awadhesh Kumar ED

The Results

I can’t believe the results after stem cell therapy are incredible! I can feel a great difference in my condition. My condition has improved up to 60-70% and I feel really good now. This therapy has boosted my low-self esteem.

Second Dose of Stem Cells

After achieving such amazing results from stem cell therapy, I decided to take another infusion of stem cells, exosomes and PRP therapy at Advancells, hoping that it will completely cure my problem. I underwent my second dose on the 17th of November 2022 and I am anticipating further improvements in my condition in the coming months.

I would like to thank Advancells for understanding my problems, guiding me through the process of stem cell therapy and supporting me throughout.

Note: (The name of the patient has been changed due to privacy concerns)

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