Country: Hungary


Bence Puskas is 10 years old now. He was born prematurely but healthy. However, due to an infection, he suffered from brain hypoxia (not enough oxygen) that caused a central nervous system lesion. This led to the under-development of his brain and as a result he had trouble achieving the physical and mental milestones at the same rate as a healthy child. He had control of all his limbs but couldn’t walk unassisted. His eyesight was weak and his speech was limited. He attended a school for children with special needs. A visit to the doctor confirmed that Bence had Cerebral Palsy. We heard about stem cell therapy from a friend and found it promising. Upon reading further and after a lot of deliberation we decided to go for stem cell treatment.


We came here and were greeted by a friendly staff. Bence underwent bone marrow extraction after which the processed stem cells were injected into spine through lumbar puncture. Some cells were even given intravenously.


After 8 weeks of the treatment followed by rigorous physiotherapy, we noticed a great improvement in his eyesight. Even his immune system improved spectacularly.

We went back for treatment after 6 months. This resulted in an improvement in his cognitive ability and his movement showed drastic improvement. His grip became better and he can now string words together.

We are very thankful for this treatment. It has improved the quality of life for Bence and we hope he gets better as time goes by.



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