Year of birth: 1965
Job: Secondary School Teacher
Marital status: Not Specified
Disease treated: Parkinson’s disease


Almost 7-8 years ago, the neurologist at the hospital in The Hague diagnosed me with Parkinson’s. I was prescribed Sinemet and Comtan. I worked as a teacher at a secondary school, teaching history and to make sure that I could keep working, I was referred to the LUMC for possible brain surgery. The doctors decided that was too dangerous and I was then prescribed Sifrol. The side-effects of the medications were variable but increasing. Because I wanted to teach for few more years and have fun, with as few restrictions as possible, I searched for another alternative treatment options and that’s how I found autologous stem cell therapy.

“…………..Although I didn’t wish to go ahead with the brain surgery, as it was very costly and beyond my capacity, on the top of it I could not get assurance that even after surgery my disease will disappear.……….”


I could sense, cramping in the right groin and leg. I had as well experienced hemi paralysis, tremors, rigidity as well as intermittent spasm. Although, I had been offered steroidal medicines by my specialists, I swallowed almost 32 pills a day.

I could experience insomnia at night, well that added my sleeping time in the afternoon. I had a problem focusing my eyes as well as attention and I had often been sick and suffered from frequent headaches.

I had never heard of this, I mean medications and not the disease can be so frustrating! The frustration went on increasing, finally forcing me to search for an alternative treatment such as adult autologous stem cells treatment. While searching across the world for clinics that can offer me any stem cells treatment, I came across a therapeutic center, working strictly on autologous stem cells. I had contacted their relationship manager, who was very prompt in response and extended a nice encouraging reply to me.

After an initial telephonic consultation, I flew down to the treatment centre with total conviction to undergo stem cells treatment. The treatment was in January this year, and I had been treated very well with very clear explanation and guidance about treatment that I was going through. Results

My bone marrow and fat was collected through local application of anesthesia and hence the process I found to be very structured and organized. Initially, I was very skeptical about the results as well as efficiency of the treatment, however soon I could notice that there are some changes in my body with the positive effects.

My medications have been more effective, and I was able to walk, move and sleep better than before. My senses have become more acute.

“…In general stem cells therapy can work wonders, if proper diet is being followed, proper exercising patterns are being implemented…”



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