Family: Christopher has a twin sister

Disease treated: Cerebral Palsy


My 13-year-old son Christopher was born with Cerebral Palsy. He is comprehensively delayed and his development is that of an 8-year-old. Despite the strong physical restrictions, he is bound to a wheelchair and he is quite spastic, Christopher is in the 8th grade at a regular school. He uses a special keyboard on his computer and is supported by a full time assistant.

Christopher has a twin sister, Kristina. He is always trying to keep up with her, but his condition often makes it hard.

I have been researching stem cell therapy for nearly seven years now and have watched the progress and general discussion about such treatments closely. I was hoping for a chance for my son to receive one.


We travelled to the hospital for treatment, where an excellent team who was very understanding and sensitive of Christopher’s condition, welcomed us.

The bone marrow was extracted from Christopher’s hip bone under general anaesthesia and the stem cells were processed and re-injected by lumbar puncture three days later.


Four months after the stem cells were transplanted, we started noticing changes in Christopher’s speech pattern. Until then he only spoke in fragmented sentences but now he has begun talking in complete sentences. This improvement came much quicker than I thought it would. After our return home, he could suddenly hold himself up with no assistance for about 20 to 35 seconds. Prior to the therapy with stem cells the maximum was about 2 seconds. Every week since then we notice further improvements, Christopher’s fine motor skills have developed, his aim has improved, and he can hold his fork and eat without help. He is also able to understand things much better and asks detailed questions.

We are looking forward to Christopher’s next steps; the improvements so far have been quite remarkable.



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