Name of the patient: Mr C Dilip Kumar Reddy

Disease: Cervical Spine Damage, C5 Cervical Fracture

Date of birth: 1985

Marital status: Married

Location: Hyderabad

How did it happen?

My Spinal Cord was damaged seven years ago. I had a traumatic injury to the cervical vertebrae of C-5. The surgery was performed five years ago as a standard routine medical procedure and I have been in rehabilitation ever since. After the surgery, I had painful joints, decreased motion and stiffness of the neck. I was having a hard time in my day-to-day activities.

How did Stem Cell Therapy help me?

Later, my attending physician Dr Siddhartha Reddy of Neuro Hospital, Hyderabad suggested stem cell therapy for my chronic condition. I decided to be treated with stem cells under the supervision of a team of treating doctors and Advancells after conducting extensive studies and understanding of stem cells.

Improvements Post-Therapy

My condition improved considerably post-therapy. I started noticing the stiffness and pain in the cervical region started to reduce and gradually went away. My condition has improved now and I feel better than before. I am also undergoing rehabilitation to recover fully.

I am optimistic and grateful to Advancells‘ team: Dr Lipi and Ms Srilatha for all of the assistance offered during the therapy.

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