Country: United Kingdom


“The physiotherapist is amazed at how well I am doing…”

I live in Crowborough in East Sussex and I am a retired Chauffeur. On leaving school I worked for many years as a printer. I was a compositor and handled lead and chemicals which were dangerous to my health but I didn’t realise that at the time. It is thought that this may have contributed to my chronic pulmonary obstructive disease progression.

How it Happened

I was taken ill with pneumonia in June 2009 and whilst in hospital I was diagnosed with COPD but I had had breathing problems since 2008 and this was being looked into by my doctor.

I gradually became more breathless and found it very hard to climb the stairs. I was exhausted when I did that.

Before Stem Cell Therapy

I was very out of breath and weak and gradually became unable to carry out normal day to day activities. I couldn’t do any gardening, cooking or decorating; I wasn’t well enough to go on holiday. I used to sit in a chair doing very little. I wasn’t able to shower without any assistance. I seldom left my home.

After Stem Cell Therapy

Since the stem cell treatment I have stopped using the inhalers which I used twice a day. I can now go on short walks. I can also go out with my friends and my breathing is so much improved. I’ve even felt able recently to cook a meal which I haven’t done in over a year.

Its only 3 months ago that I had the stem cell treatment and I am extremely happy with my progress so far. I am currently receiving physiotherapy at my local hospital for osteo-arthritis in my back and am undertaking an exercise programme on a static bike. I attend twice a week and each time I have improved with the level and length of time of the bike.

The physiotherapist is amazed at how well I am doing for someone with COPD. I also had my SATS taken recently and they were 98; a great improvement.

When I went to see my doctor in a London hospital, he carried out two tests and noted an improvement since my last visit. He has sent these results to Dr. Beythien and we also sent them direct. These tests were carried out only 3 weeks after my stem cell treatment. At the end of September I will attend the London Hospital again and these two tests will be carried out again and the results sent to Germany. My London doctor is extremely interested in my treatment and is going to monitor me closely because at the moment this treatment isn’t available to COPD patients in England.

Recommendation to Others

I would definitely recommend this treatment to other patients. I haven’t stopped singing your praises and I can’t thank you enough for all you’ve done for me.



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