Year of birth: 1966

Job: Not Specified

Marital status: Not Specified

Disease treated: Parkinson’s disease


I was a very active athlete and frequently participated in marathons and triathlons before I developed a back condition and had to undergo 3 spinal surgeries. After the last surgery my overall constitution had deteriorated. I began to walk with a stiff hand and dragged my foot. My right hand and leg were shaking. I blamed it on the surgery and thought the symptoms would wear off, but they did not. An MRI of my brain and back was performed. Based on this MRI, I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in November of 2008. In December of 2008, I started seeing a neurologist who confirmed the diagnosis and prescribed Parkinson’s medication to me.

The medication helped, I had fewer tremors and my walking improved a little. I was no longer walking bent forward


I had a very bad mood swings attack, which initially I thought because of sleep deprivation and altered level of stamina. I thought it would be treated by a good psychologist and is related to my sudden career drift. My psychologist answered my questions. Where I came to know that these symptoms are because of my medications and off course, the progressive disorder, which I am suffering from!

I definitely was not very happy with tremors and other side effects, I was going through! My husband introduced me to the possibility of undergoing stem cell therapy and I had my first stem cell treatment. My own adult stem cells were isolated from my own fat and bone marrow and re-implanted by means of lumbar puncture.


At present, I was very doubtful about the effectiveness of the treatment but by looking at the response the treatment centre had offered me; I started hoping to get back to the life again!

The initial improvement was changing facial expressions. This improvement came quickly; almost immediately. I felt better altogether.

“..Within 2-3 months my tremor disappeared by 80 – 90 %. Today my hand only shakes a little when I am nervous…”

I used to run 10 km in an hour every day prior to falling ill and prior to my surgeries. Today I still remain active and push myself, walking 6 km every day and swimming frequently.

“…After my first stem cell therapy I started to walk straighter and some of my old energy has return…”



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POST TITLE: Gilda Bertran, 54 years old, Parkinson’s Disease

AUTHOR: Editorial Team

POSTED ON: 11th December 2018



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