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Diagnosis and Condition Before Stem Cell Therapy

Diagnosis of Parkinson’s Disease in February of 2000. My symptoms at that time were a lack of facial expression (I didn’t blink), right hand tremor, my arms didn’t swing when I walked, I was taking smaller steps, my posture was bad, and my writing had become tiny and illegible. I sought naturopathic treatment the first year or so and did have some improvement in my symptoms. In October of 2001, I started on ropinirole along with the natural substances I was on. Ropinirole was gradually increased until I was on a total of 20 mg. a day in divided doses. I started having a lot of trouble with back pain, probably due to my slumping posture, and foot pain due to the way I was walking with all my weight on the balls of my feet. I was having trouble with drooling and in January of 2005 I was started on amantadine along with the ropinirole. I was relatively stable for about three years, my main problems being the back and foot problems.

…With these improvements, my attitude and outlook on life has improved significantly…

Then in 2008, one foot became so bad with a hammer toe going over my big toe that I couldn’t walk without being in great pain, so I had a surgery. After the surgery, I was immobilized in a special “boot” that had me walking very unnaturally. As a result of that, I started having terrible back pain and after an MRI, it was determined that I was suffering from four bulging discs. I had back surgery which relieved the pain but due to the stress of the pain, the surgery and the strong narcotics I was on for a prolonged period, my Parkinson’s was aggravated and those symptoms became much worse. I began having halluncinations as a side effect of the ropinirole and amantadine.

My neurologist tried switching me to the main Parkinson’s medication, Sinemet, but I am one of a minority of Parkinson’s patients who cannot tolerate Sinemet. She then switched me from ropinirole to a lesser dose of pramipexole ( Mirapex), decreased my amantadine by 50% and added rasagiline ( Azilect). I was put on Seroquel for the halluncinations, which helped that problem. My Parkinson’s symptoms did not improve on the new regimen and so my wife started looking for alternate treatments in January of 2009. She discovered the clinics website. We filled out the initial application and began the process of sending the requested medical records, and in June of 2009 we traveled for treatment.

At that time, physically I was very weak. I fell several times a day. My wife was afraid to let me out of the house to walk without her because of the falling. Once again, I wasn’t blinking or having any facial expression. I was unable to interact with people socially because no one could understand my speech; it was so weak and slurred. I had a difficult time feeding myself. I ate sandwiches and other food that I could eat with my hands, or my wife fed me. I am a pretty optimistic person but I felt very depressed at my situation.

Condition After Stem Cell Therapy

Two months after the stem cell therapy, I had a checkup for a hole in my eardrum that had been there for several years and it was healed up completely! The doctor was quite suprised and my wife and I were estatic because we knew it was a sign that the stem cells were active and working!

As for the Parkinson’s symptoms, I am much stronger. I still fall occasionally but nothing compared to before therapy. People tell me that I am talking much better. I am blinking and smiling and I have more facial expression. Very soon after treatment, my wife noticed that I was picking my feet up as I walked and not shuffling. She also says that my posture has improved. My ability to use utensils at mealtime is almost back to normal. I have never had a very bad tremor and that is basically unchanged, it involves my dominant hand and is triggered by stress, sometimes not present at all. Recently, I have been able to reduce the Mirapex from four a day to three a day. With these improvements, my attitude and outlook on life has improved significantly. Because of the positive improvements I have experienced, I am returning in March of 2010 for a second treatment.



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