Hiba is six years old. She was born 3 months prematurely. She spent the first two and a half months of her life recovering in the Neo-natal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). It was a terrifying couple of months for the parents. However, their ordeal was far from over. At the age of eight months, the family physician noticed that Hiba was unable to control her lower extremities. This was confirmed by a pediatric neuro-specialist as a case of cerebral palsy. He recommended physiotherapy.

Hiba didn’t start physiotherapy till the age of 3 years. Still, throughout this whole period, she was being seen regularly by the pediatric neuro-specialist. At the age of 4, Hiba underwent Botox-injections in her feet to control her lower extremities which were highly spastic. This procedure was ineffective.

In the meantime, Hiba’s parents came across stem cell therapy in their numerous attempts to find a treatment for their baby’s condition. They decided to enrol for treatment.


Hiba travelled with her parents to the hospital where she underwent stem cell therapy. Stem cells from her bone marrow were processed and reinjected, hoping to improve normal upper-body movement and improve control over her lower extremities. She underwent extensive physiotherapy on her lower extremities for one month.


Hiba and her parents were thrilled at the improvements they witnessed a year and a half after therapy.

Hiba gained greater control of her upper extremities, especially since they used to be considered “limp”. She developed better balance and could sit on her own.

Hiba’s speech became better and she could compose complete sentences with clear and correct articulation of words.

Hiba is showing vast improvement and has started going to school too.



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