DOB: 2 January, 2011 in Jerusalem, Israel

Disease treated: Cerebral Palsy


During birth, Jannat and her twin brother went through some complications that lead to lack of oxygen in the brain. At the age of 28 weeks, she was diagnosed with cerebral palsy.

Jannat was in very poor condition. She was not able to sit alone. She could not stand and was not even able to crawl. Jannat also had problems with moving her hands. She could not clap them together or hold anything in them, not even food; so she was never able to eat alone. She also had difficulties drinking, especially through a straw or even from her milk bottle. She also experienced speech problems; speaking infrequently and when she did, her words and sentences were not clear so it was hard to understand what she was trying to say.


While looking for treatments, we came across stem cell therapy. We contacted a few centres and finally went ahead with treatment. The team here was great and very helpful. The physiotherapy was effective and Jannat showed vast improvement.


Two months later, we started noticing that her situation was improving. It was slow in the beginning but we could notice that she was getting better.

Now, one year after her treatment, Jannat can speak clearly and fluently. She can also sit unassisted for around 4-6 minutes. She is even able to stand with the aid of a support.

Jannat is now eating by herself, because the function of her arms and hands are almost normal now. She is also able to drink from her milk bottle, or drink using a straw.

We want to get a second treatment for our daughter because what we observed after the first treatment, gave us the hope for even greater improvement.*



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