Year of birth: 1945

Job: Engineer

Marital status: Married, one son & one daughter

Disease treated: Parkinson’s disease


I was on a skiing holiday with my wife in 2009. The ski instructor showed us a stem turn and suddenly I found that my ski wouldn’t do what I wanted it to, anymore. I went to my GP first for a check-up and she sent me to a neurologist. He diagnosed Parkinson’s and this was subsequently confirmed in a university clinic by an MRI scan. It was also established at this point that I had been suffering from Parkinson’s since 1997. I had always had leaden legs in previous years and neighbors had even noticed that I was beginning to move slower!


My tremors were slowly and progressively increasing. I could sense that instead of lifting my legs, I am just dragging them. My stamina has almost zeroed down to the extent that if I stand at one point I don’t wish to go anywhere.

Initially, I was prescribed the usual steroidal drugs to counter the illness such as dopamine, but that made me severely drug dependent, without which spending even a single day seemed to be a big task.

“…I no longer have any pain and I am completely drug free…”

I started being on the internet for the whole day, as I was been told that taking these nasty steroidal peels is the only treatment on Parkinson’s, which obviously I wanted to get rid off! That is the reason I was desperately finding an alternative solution, I also went to various professors at my treating hospitals in order to understand other possibilities of treatment. I came across adult stem cells treatment and its benefits, but I was always told that I’d have to wait another ten years for it.

In 2012, I was prescribed a new drug which elicited more side-effects than positive ones in me. For example, when I’d get out of the car, I would feel so dizzy that I’d have to hang on to the car for a moment. My health continued to deteriorate. In order to do something to counter the Parkinson’s, I lost ten kilos in weight and played an hour of sport each day. However, my extensive forest walks, which used to be four kilometers in length, had to be kept to just 500 meters because of exhaustion. My legs became heavier, I couldn’t climb stairs anymore. I was finding it increasingly difficult to write anything and eventually I couldn’t write at all.

I looked for alternative treatments. I would spend nights on the Internet researching the subject of stem cell research and genetics.


After too long skepticism and much of agitation, I came across one treatment centre, which was exclusively offering autologous stem cells from patient’s own body fat as well as bone marrow. Well, that just gave me a ray of hope and started getting in touch with experts over there. They offered me enough scientific and clinical evidences to go through once, which encouraged me to go ahead with the stem cells therapy.

I have my bone marrow and fat removed only with application of local anesthesia. The same was processed in their state-of-the art laboratory and re-injected back into me immediately. The process wasn’t laborious at all and I didn’t have any side-effects such as headaches or nausea. After resting for four hours after the implant, my wife was able to take me home again. Ohh, everything went so smooth in just a day! Next day we were been taught some exercises and diet. They had asked us to come back again after two days, to check for any post procedure complications or complaints.

I could feel a tingling in my head in the first eight days after the treatment, as if there was a small revolution taking place. The feeling of having lead in my legs continuously lessened. I found it increasingly easier to brush my teeth and could close the small buttons on my shirt again. I gradually came off the drugs two weeks after the treatment and brought them back to my doctor. Four weeks later, I then went to the forest and simply walked and walked. To date, I don’t have any pain anymore and I am completely drug free. It’s like a miracle to me!

“……………Adult autologous stem cell treatment is still considered a treatment attempt and should be treated with lot of skepticism by doctors. However, you shouldn’t be put off by this. I am convinced that the treatment has helped me!…”



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