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How it happened

I was diagnosed with MS in 2003 after the right side of my body became weak and my balance was unsteady.

The local doctor sent me to a neurosurgeon who ordered an MRI and it confirmed the start of MS. The neurosurgeon suggested injections on a daily basis but I chose to take an alternative approach and after a hair analysis it was discovered I had mercury toxicity from the 14 amalgams I had in my mouth.

“I am now back home and astounded…”

I had those fillings replaced with composite fillings and got progressively stronger afterwards, but the damage caused by the MS affected my energy, balance, walking etc.

I had always been searching for treatments on the internet and this one day came across the clinic of Cells4health. I sent them an application to see if I was eligible for stem cell treatment and a week or so later and we made a date.

It is now 3 weeks since I had the treatment.

It was only natural I was a bit scared prior,….. fear of the unknown so to speak, but there was no need to be.

The 20 minute procedure of the taking of the stem cells under local anesthetic, was not painful at all, and the injection of the selected stem cells into the lumbar 2 days later, under local anesthetic, was a 3 minute procedure, with no pain once again.

I rested back in the hotel, as requested for 2 days after treatment, but following that my husband and I went to Paris for 3 days and just generally did some wonderful sightseeing of Europe.

The doctors and nursing staff were exemplary in their kindness and care before, during and after the treatment.

My Results

I am now back home and astounded at the first, very obvious result I had which was being able to control my right foot properly when driving my car.

My driving was the last to be affected by the MS, so maybe it will be the first repaired….so excited !!

I have also noticed I don’t feel the cold as I used to.

The one thing that we must remember after the stem cell treatment is not to overdo things, regardless of how good you feel.

This is so easy to do because there is no sensory sign of the treatment, no pain, nothing at all, but inside our bodies so much is taking place…

I must remember to rest and more than anything, listen to my body.

Thank you Issam and all the staff , I would recommend your expertise over and over again.*

Laraine Sheers (Gold Coast, Australia)



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